Training for your Pilot’s Licence

Ask any private pilot and the chances are that he or she will tell you that flying must surely be the best recreational hobby of them all.

A Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL for short) is your ticket to a new world.

What other hobby allows you to take your friends and family for lunch in Brittany or a weekend in France, England, Ireland or whatever takes your fancy?

Your PPL may be a stepping stone to other forms of flying. You may want to go on to achieve a Commercial Licence and fly for a living, or you may decide to take up Aerobatics. Whatever you decide to do, Guernsey Flying Training can help you take your first steps.

If you’d like to begin your training, please contact us now, and we’ll get you set up and answer all your questions.


"Learning to fly or taking a trial lesson/air experience flight in Guernsey doesn’t get any better! Top instructors at GFT!"
Joe T